Food & Drink Storage Tanks

Throughout the Food and Drink sector storage of in-process or finished products is critical.
Cookson & Zinn supply bespoke storage tanks and process vessels to meet the needs of these demanding sectors.

Steel food storage tank

Our food and drink tanks are custom built to your unique requirements, and can be used to store anything from water to highly corrosive chemicals. Our adaptable storage tanks can serve customers from breweries or distilleries to mass ingredients production.

Our tanks are used to accomplish specific functions like mixing, saturating, separating, or brining product. No matter what your food processing equipment needs are, our experienced engineering team can build a vessel to your exact specifications and design it to accommodate your space requirements.

Main features

304L, 316L, 904L grades of steel
Tank capacity icon
Capacities from 1,000L to 250,000L for single wall tanks
Dished, conical or flat bottoms icon
Dished, Conical or Flat Bottoms
Heating & Cooling Jackets
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Range of Specialised Internal Linings Available

insulated vertical cylindrical storage tank on legs 3D model of vertical storage tank CAD image of a vertical storage tank

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