Aviation Storage Tanks

With over 60 years of experience in tank design and manufacture we are one of the UK's leading suppliers of aviation fuel storage tanks and systems.

Aviation Fuel Vessel

We can provide aviation fuel tanks and ancillary items for above ground or underground use, in horizontal, vertical or rectangular configurations. These are all made to the highest quality standards as demanded by the Ministry of Defence, Civil Aviation Authorities and other regulatory bodies.

We use Autodesk Inventor 2021, 2D & 3D modelling package to provide clear, concise, design details from product conception to installation.

Tanks can be designed for storage of Jet A1, Avtur and Avgas.

Any ancillary items, such as gauges, valves, floating suction units and pressure vent equipment can be supplied.

Any necessary access steelwork can be designed to BS.5395:2010/BS.EN.ISO.14122:2001 specifications and supplied in painted or galvanised finish.



Main features

Tank capacity icon
Up to 200,000 litres capacity
Finishes icon
Standard or sophisticated external coatings
Access steelwork icon
Access steelwork can be supplied
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Range of Specialised Internal Linings Available
Bunded icon
Integral or Open Bunded
Designed to BS EN12285-2

Stand alone Aviation fuel storage & dispensing

Blue storage tank containing diesel

Fuel Bank

Our Fuel Bank can also be used for either large or small scale aviation fuel storage. Large tank farms used to to store fuel and fill local fuel trucks that refuel plane while on their stands or single tank solutions used in small independent airfield where planes or helicopter are filled directly from the tank

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