Petrol Storage Tanks

Cookson & Zinn have been designing and manufacturing underground double skinned Petrol storage tanks for almost 20 years.

Below-ground double skinned Petrol storage tanks

filling station forecourt with illuminated multi-colour canopy

The storage of petrol due to it volatility is highly regulated and controlled by legislation:

  • Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 (SI 2014/1637), which regulate the storage of petrol at petrol filling stations and non-workplace premises.
  • Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (SI 2002/2776) (DSEAR 2002).

Due to the restrictions and precautions required to store petrol above ground, it is most common to store large volumes of petrol in underground storage tanks (UST’s)

To ensure the tanks fulfil these requirements, all Cookson & Zinn underground storage tanks are fully tested and certified to comply with BS.EN.12285-1:2018 specification.

Tanks are externally grit blast cleaned to SA 2.5 followed by a coating of solvent-free polyurethane.

The coating undergoes 100% pin-hole high voltage spark detection test to confirm the external coating has fully encapsulated the external steel skin.

Main features

Tank capacity icon
Capacities from 5,000L to 150,000L
Single or multi compartment
Single or Multi Compartment
Tank skin icon
Double Skinned
Deuma Process
Leak Detection System
High voltage spark detection image
High voltage Spark Detection
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Variety of surface coating to suit all requirements

Horizontal tanks

The natural choice for the bulk storage of petroleum products, complying with health & safety, environmental and hazardous materials requirements is our double skinned storage tanks. For over 40 years Cookson & Zinn have been supplying these tanks to oil companies, supermarket retailers, independent / dealer operated sites and motorway petrol filling stations.

Underground fuel tank installation using baseframe

Tank Features

Tank capacity icon
Capacities from 5,000L to 150,000L
Designed to BS EN12285-1
Deuma Process
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In-house blast and paint facilities
Tank skin icon
Double Skinned
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Range of Specialised Internal Linings Available

BaseFrame Addition

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We are always listening to our customers and stakeholders. We were asked to come up with a solution to the on-site health and safety challenges of installation engineers climbing onto tanks to fit crane hooks and being in the excavations while tanks are being lowered into them.

Our solution was the innovative “BaseFrame

Features and benefits

The tanks are levelled at the factory and provide a flat firm surface to install on-site

Reduces site workload and ensures accurate orientation

Base Frame ensures that tanks cannot roll in the excavation

Major safety risk eliminated

Factory fitted holding down straps eliminating the necessity to lay them under the excavation base

Time saving

When the tank arrives on site the contractors' personnel can attach crane hooks at ground level rather than climb ladders to attach slings. (see operation sequence below)

Time saving and health and safety benefits

Minimum site base supports needed for the tank prior to concrete pour and backfill

Material and time savings on site

Allows concrete pour from the top of the excavation

Major safety risk eliminated by not requiring personnel to be inside excavation when tanks are installed

Tank location marks/brackets can be placed in position by the contractor and these positions can be clearly seen from the top of the excavation.

Improves ease of installation

Yellow underground tank

Factory fitted features for the Baseframe

Structural base frame with supporting cradles and holding down straps
Guide steering ropes for offloading tanks removing the need enter the excavations
Offloading slings and shackles
Reinforcing bars and mesh


The introduction of Biofuels has dramatically increased the incidence of microbial build up in underground storage tanks. This is largely due to the water content in these fuels collecting at the bottom of tanks providing a perfect environment for  bacteria to grow. The result is blocked filters and potentially fuel that is not within specification. Regular tank cleaning and special treatments can be used to minimize the problem, but these are all significant recurring costs, and can lead to the tanks being out of commission for significant periods.

The Bio Base addresses these problems by incorporating the health and safety benefits of the Build base with additional features to ensure your fuel remains in perfect condition.

More about the BioBase
3d image showing biobase on inclined base frame

1-200 slope incorporated into the tank to ensure any water contamination flows to one end of the tank
Integrated bunded sump to collect any water
Contamination extraction pipe fitted to ensure ease of removal
Convenient and safe way to regularly check for any potential contamination
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Stand alone storage solutions

Cookson & Zinn deliver solutions that meet the needs of every customer

3D image of petrol storage tank under an image of a fuel station


A cost effective alternative to conventional underground tank installation

The canopy is supported directly on the tank and, by utilising external reinforcement rings and supporting cradles, the canopy-imposed loadings are deflected from the tank body. By using sophisticated, finite element analysis on all load bearing features, all critical load bearing points are identified and stress points

Cost effective alternative to conventional system
Total flexibility in site layout
Substantial reduction in installation time and cost
picture of cylindrical storage tank mounted in rectangular metal frame


The PetroTainer stackable, above or below ground storage tank offers the benefits of a high quality double skinned tank that can be shipped cost effectively
virtually anywhere in the world. By using the ISO shipping frame, the PetroTainer frame allows the tank to be shipped as container freight with significant cost savings and ease of handling. It also aids the location and orientation of the tank during installation where installation cost can be reduced and
site safety improved

Cost effective alternative to conventional system

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    All underground storage tanks are fully tested and certified to comply with