Oil & Gas exploration

Cookson & Zinn has worked in close collaboration with the world's leading providers of products and services for the ever-evolving needs of the energy industry.

storage and transport tanks on the deck of an offshore service tug with an oil rig in the background

Drilling Mud Tanks

Drilling mud, also called drilling fluid, in petroleum engineering, a heavy, viscous fluid mixture that is used in oil and gas drilling operations to carry rock cuttings to the surface and also to lubricate and cool the drill bit.

Photo showing cylindrical tank mounted inside a containerised transport frame

304L, 316L, 904L grades of steel
3rd Party Verification
In house calculations and design facility including FEA
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Supporting structures can be supplied

Acid Tanks

Oil and Gas exploration involves the handling and transport of many corrosive substances. Cookson & Zinn have worked closely with our customers to develop dedicated solutions that work in the most challenging of Environments

Acid storage tanks on board an offshore oil rig service vessel

304L, 316L, 904L grades of steel
3rd Party Verification
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Standard or sophisticated external coatings
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Range of Specialised Internal Linings Available
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