Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals

From distilled water to aggressive liquids we design and manufacture an array of custom tanks to meet your unique pharmaceutical needs.

Pharmaceutical Storage and Process Tanks

Stainless steel vessel

Cookson & Zinn has the capability to fabricate large and complex processing tanks meeting the needs of the biopharma industry. These include:

  • Fermenters
  • Bioreactors
  • Buffer Hold Tanks
  • Buffer Prep Tanks
  • Formulation Vessels
  • Purification Vessels

Variety of Material and Applications

Through the combination of base metals and sophisticated coatings we have the experience and skills required to manufacture complex vessels.

Whether you require Pressure vessels, or mixing and processing tanks that require jackets for temperature control, we have the capabilities to design and manufacture your needs.

Main features

3rd Party Verification
Designed to PD.5500:2021
Heating & Cooling Jackets
Inner and outer skins tested and certified on completion
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