Hypobaric chamber

Hyperbaric Chambers for Therapeutics

There has been much media coverage about the after-effects of Covid 19, referred to generally as "Long Covid". Oxygen therapy utilising hyperbaric chambers has been identified as an efficient therapeutic therapy, relieving discomfort and speeding recovery.

The challenge

Before the rise of Covid 19, the therapeutic benefits of breathing higher concentrations of oxygen in a pressurised environment have been well known. The practice has been widely used by professional sportspeople to speed recovery from injury, It is also used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Building on our experience in working in the off-shore industry where hyperbaric chambers are in common use for divers, we were asked to apply this experience and expertise to design and manufacture a chamber for use in a medical environment. Working closely with the clinical staff we designed a chamber capable of addressing the specific need of MS patients, including arrangements to allow wheelchair access, ensuring ease of communications and high comfort levels.

The results

Using our experience, 3D modelling and FEA modelling software we designed and build chambers capable of addressing all the needs of both patients and clinicians and can be seen in use at the The South Wales Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre.