Tank Refurbishment

Tank Refurbishment

Well manufactured and maintained steel storage tanks can have a usable lifespan in excess of 20 years. Processes and circumstances change and the original reason for purchasing a tank can change, however, this does not mean the tanks usable life is over.

The challenge

Harran, an OEG Offshore Company realised they had a need for additional aviation fuel storage. Through their research they discovered two Cookson & Zinn storage tanks that had been supplied to the MOD over 20 years ago. The condition of the tanks was impressive given their age, a testament to the quality of the coating applied to the tanks originally.
In keeping with OEG Offshore's environmental ambitions, the opportunity to reuse an existing tank rather than commissioning a new tank was taken. The reduced resource requirements of refurbishing a tank that was already in good condition was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Harran was able to use the information plate attached to all Cookson & Zinn tanks to make contact with us, and once we recovered the records from our archives we were able to supply Harran with all the information they required. The tanks arrived on-site and after some initial assessment our Engineering Department set about working closely with Harran to create the new specification for the tank.

The results

The refurbishment consisted of :

• removing all external and internal linings
• compete survey of material thickness
• removal and addition of fitting
• fitting new internal pipework and floats
• fitting all new external manways and access platforms
• relining of internal surfaces
• recoating the outside with a C5 marine grade finish

The refurbishment was completed in record time and delivered to Harran's facility in Aberdeen ready for another 20 years of service