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Aboveground Vertical Cylindrical Storage Tanks

Vertical storage tanks with double skins can be supplied from 1,000L to 120,000L and single wall vertical storage tanks up to 250,000L. Configuration can be done to suit your needs but this can include dished top and bottom on legs or skirt, flat bottom, conical bottom or conical top.

Designed to , the vertical storage tank range provides an ideal solution where design criteria or space restriction cannot accommodate tanks in the horizontal form. From oils to chemicals, water to food products, CZ can supply vertical storage tanks for your needs. Internal linings, external coatings and insulation can all be provided, together with ladders, platforms, hand-railing and on-site installation.

  • Single or double skin vertical storage tanks.
  • Capacities from 1,000L to 120,000L in double skin; to 250,000L in single skin.
  • Combinations of dished/conical top, dished, flat or conical bottom.
  • Diameters up to 4.4m.
  • Suitable for holding oils, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, water, food products and much more.

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Aboveground Vertical Cylindrical Storage Tanks
Aboveground Vertical Cylindrical Storage Tanks

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