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Petrofast Modular Filling Station

The concept of the PetroFast is simplicity itself with the tank installed directly underneath the canopy; the canopy support columns are integral to the design of the tank.

CZ's own unique modular filling station system is fast gaining its market position as a real and viable alternative to the conventional underground tank system with a seperately supported canopy. The real benefit to all owners and developers of retail filling stations is the ability of the PetroFast system to satisfy both single tank and multi tank sites equally as well. The advantages and tangible benefits are shown in the bullet points below and CZ is able to provide 3D layouts against specific site information and detailed costings at the same time.

  • Unique modular storage tank system.
  • Canopy mounted directly on tank top without the need for seperate foundations.
  • Simple, cost effective, quick to install.
  • Will suit single or multi-tank installation.
  • Versatile, canopy legs can be positioned anywhere along length of tank.
  • Total flexibility; PetroFast adapted to suit tank - not vice versa.
  • Maximise shop fit out: chambers and tank top fittings.
  • Site Advantages:
    • -   Smaller excavation needed.
    • -   Reduction in installation time.
    • -   Less expertise required.
    • -   Higher integrity for having shop fit out.
    • -   Maximise on site Health and Safety

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Petrofast Modular Filling Station
Petrofast Modular Filling Station
Petrofast Modular Filling Station
Petrofast Modular Filling Station

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