Pre-fitted Tank Chambers

Save time and money on site with CZ and UPP

To save significant time and money on site, and to ensure leak free connections, UPP Systems is now offering pre-fitted and tested Cookson & Zinn underground storage tanks with all tank compartment lids, tank chambers, entry seals and pipework connections pre-fitted. The tank is delivered to site fitted with 'quick-connection' pipework stubs ready to be electrofused to the main site pipe runs.

On average, it takes seven to ten days to install a fuel system on a filling station site. About two of those days are spent preparing, installing and fitting out the tank chambers and associated entry seals and tank top connections. That's up to one third of the entire fuel system installation devoted to working on the tank farm connections. What's more, it is not always possible to ensure a 100% leak-tight installation on site as weather conditions and tight access often prove a difficult challenge to the pipework installer. That's why on many sites it is common to see tank chambers full of water.

Pre-installed by skilled engineers
All the equipment is installed at the Cookson & Zinn works by trained and skilled engineers and, once complete, all parts are vacuum tested at the relevant water-table pressure for the burial depth of that particular chamber to ensure their leak-tight integrity and a certificate is produced declaring that the assembly is leak-tight.

The whole assembly includes fully fitted out tank lids ready for fuel delivery, UPP electrofusion polyethylene tank chamber base sections, UPP electrofusion entry seals for suction/pressure, vent, fill, vr2 and electrical duct lines and UPP pipework connections.

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Pre-fitted Tank Chambers

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