3D image of underground tank leak monitoring system

Leak Detection System

Leak Detection is an integral part of ensuring no environmental damages occurs due to leaks from double-skinned underground tanks.

Whether you have a single tank or multiple tanks with multiple compartments, leak detection is the additional peace of mind needed.

This feature, in addition to only using tanks that are manufactured to the highest standards of materials and protective coatings gives our customers the knowledge that whatever happens, environmental damages as a result of a leaking tank will not be one of these.

At Cookson & Zinn we recommend and use SGB Leak Detection Equipment

Specialists in over and under pressure leak detection technology for single and double walled tanks.

Founded in 1962, SGB invented the vacuum leak detection system for single skinned tanks. Today the German manufacturer has more than 40 different types of leak detectors with more than 100 variations.

SGB Leak Detection Systems aim to provide a leak-free and monitored environment, using pressure monitoring technology for accurately testing double walled tanks and pipes whilst in service.

Each system gives a visual and audible alarm indication before any stored product can enter the environment and cause environmental pollution.

SGB systems are approved to EN 13160 as Class 1 Leak Detection Systems.