tank in manufacture using deuma rings

What is the “Deuma” Manufacturing Technology?

German Technology ensuring high quality tank fabrication

This technology refers the German manufacturer that has produced this equipment for over 50 years. Cookson & Zinn saw the benefits of this system and was an early adopter of this technology, which in conjunction with the use of submerged arc welding ensures very high quality welded seams.

The significant advantage of this system over other tank fabrication methods is the shell of the tank is clamped in a set of rings prior to any welding operation, the clamping ensures the shell is perfectly cylindrical. The control of the shape means the quality of the weld is significantly improved as the distance between the welding head and the shell is always consistent. Strong welds with consistent penetration is critical to ensuring the risk of leaks is eliminated.

At Cookson & Zinn all our underground storage tanks and many of our above ground tanks utilise these technologies to ensure the highest quality of tank fabrication.