Vertical tanks

Cookson & Zinn design and manufacture a range of bespoke tanks

Suitable applications

Our vertical tanks are suitable for these applications

Drinking water Waste Water Building materials Food Fuel Diesel Biofuel / HVO
3 vertical cylindrical storage tanks

Vertical Tanks

Vertical tanks are used to store a wide range of products including chemicals, alcohol, ethanol, biodiesel, bulk petroleum products, water (both potable and non-potable), liquid fertilizers, de-icer, paints, and coatings, and many other industrial/commercial products. Additionally, our vertical tanks are used to store dry bulk powder or pellet products such as sand, cement, and other materials.

We manufacture a wide range of vertical tanks in carbon and stainless steel. You can choose from integral or open bund, cone or dished tops, flat or dished bottoms. All tanks are manufactured in general accordance to BS.EN.14015:2004 and BS.799 part 5:2010.  Due to the bespoke nature of many of our tanks, there are occasions when we use elements of these codes and ‘good engineering practice’ to meet the customer’s needs. We also supply a range of ancillary components in the form of ladders, walkways, and level indicators.

Vertical storage tanks with an integral bund can be supplied from 1,000 litres to 120,000 litres

Single wall storage tanks can be supplied from 1,000 litres up to 250,000 litres.


Liquid Storage

Integrally bunded tanks offer a neat solution to traditional open bunds avoiding the inevitable collection of water and rubbish and fully meeting the requirement of the Oil Storage Regulations.

This design is in principle a tank within a tank, however, this design allows for any liquid that escapes from the inner tank to be captured and contained within the outer tank. The inner tank sits on spacer beams, the outer tank wraps around the inner tank and spacer beams to form the bund which will normally have a capacity in excess of 110% of the inner tank volume.

Our Above-ground tanks are manufactured to meet the exact requirements of each site, allowing flexibility in the diameter and height of the tank to meet the volume required. We manufacture single skin tanks up a diameter of 4.4m and a capacity of 250,000 litres.

These tanks can sit on legs or a solid skirt to meet the requirements of the tank and the site.

Dry Bulk Powder Storage

Vertical tanks (silos) have the added advantage of offering excellent operational storage and dispensing solutions for bulk powdered materials used in building materials, food and pharmaceuticals industries.

Cone bottom tanks incorporating vibrating or aeration pads allow fine powder materials to be easily metered into transport screws or blowing lines.

The advantages of Vertical cylindrical tanks offer are:

  • Large capacity range
  • Allow large storage capacity to be created on a limited footprint.
  • Can easily incorporate shaft mixers or bubble rings to prevent mixtures from separating.
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