Building Material Storage

Key Features

Cookson & Zinn design and manufacture silos for the storage of a wide range of materials including cement, lime, barite, bentonite and bitumen.

3rd Party Verification

3rd Party Verification

Large Capacity

Capacity range from 20-450 tonnes

Pressure Or Gravity Silos

Pressure or Gravity silos available

Tank Mounting Options

Tanks mounted on legs or skirt bottoms

Pressure Silos

Pressure Silos differ from Gravity Silos in that the material is aerated and pressurised to transfer it into the silos but is also aerated and pressurised to transfer it out of the silo. This method is ideal when transferring materials between silos, creating blends of different base materials or loading into storage bunkers.

All of our pressure silos are designed and manufactured with our innovative pressure equalisation system that prevents dead spots and the build up of material in the outlet neck of the silo. This innovation saves time, removes the manual handling hazards associated with dismantling the neck and respiratory and demagogical hazards of handling fine powders.

  • Pressure Equalisation System
  • Designed to PD.5500:2021
  • 3rd Party Verification
  • Capacity range from 20-450 tonnes
Building Material Storage
Gravity Silos

Gravity Silos

Gravity Silos are vented to atmospheric pressure and use a combination of gravity and fluidising pads in the bottom cone to feed material to the outlet. Gravity silos are great for building material storage.

The outlet will normally have a valve system metering material into a low pressure blowing system or will empty into a feed screw.

  • 3rd Party Verification
  • Capacity range from 2 tonnes to 50 tonne.
  • Finished in standard and custom colour schemes
  • Tanks mounted on legs or skirt bottoms

Asphalt Storage Tanks

Used for the production and storage of asphalt.

  • Capacities from 5,000L to 150,000L
  • External insulation and fuel heaters can be supplied
  • Heating & Cooling Jackets
Asphalt Storage Tanks

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