Rectangular Tanks

Suitable Applications:

We Manufacture A Wide Range Of Above-Ground Rectangular Single Skin, Integrally Bunded Or Open Bunded Tanks In Carbon & Stainless Steel.

Tanks are manufactured in accordance with BS.799 part 5:2010. Due to the bespoke nature of many of our tanks, there are occasions when we use elements of other codes and ‘good engineering practice’ to meet our customer’s need.

Our Rectangular tanks are manufactured to meet the exact requirements of each site, allowing flexibility in the height, width, and length of the tank to meet the volume required.

Single Skin Rectangular Tank

We manufacture single skin and bunded tanks up to a capacity of 250,000 litres.

Rectangular tanks by the nature of their design do not have the inherent strength of cylindrical tanks, accordingly, rectangular tanks require a support framework.

This framework is most commonly built internally which creates challenges when internal cleaning or linings are required.

Cookson & Zinn have worked with our customers and can produce innovative externally supported tanks that eliminate this issue.

Transportation Rectangular Tank

Integrally Bunded

tanks offer a neat alternative to traditional open bunds avoiding the inevitable collection of water and rubbish and fully meeting the requirement of the Oil Storage Regulations.

This design is basically a tank within a tank, this design allows for any liquid that escapes from the inner tank to be captured and contained within the outer tank. The outer tank will normally have a capacity greater than 110% of the inner tank volume.

The Advantages Of Rectangular Tanks Are:

Maximum volume to size ratio.

Large capacity range.

Ease of transport and installation.
Easily sloped for water control in critical application such as aerospace.
Generally easy access to the top of the tank without staged ladders etc.
Form can be modified to suit specific needs such as the sloping sides of a ship.
Rectangular Tanks

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