Suitable Applications:

Silos are very similar in construction and design to vertical tanks, the main difference being that storage silos normally store solid materials in powder form, rather than liquids.

The density of solid materials is commonly higher than liquids e.g. the specific gravity of diesel fuel is 0.85g/cc while cement is 3.1g/cc. This means that the load most silos are designed to cater for is much higher than liquid storage tanks.

Silos Advanced CAD Drawing

We can manufacture a wide range of silos up to a diameter of 4.4m or 450 tonnes, and in general compliance with BS.EN.14015:2004, BS.799 part 5:2010, & PD5500 standards.

Our silos are divided into two main categories, Pressure and Gravity Silos.

Pressure Silos

aerate the powdered materials and pressurise the silo to transfer the material out of the silo. This method is ideal when transferring materials between silos, creating blends of different base materials or loading into storage bunkers.

Maritime Silos

Gravity Silos

differ from pressure silos as they are vented to atmosphere and use a combination of gravity and fluidising pads in the bottom cone to feed material to the outlet.

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