Pressure Vessels


Cookson & Zinn manufacture Pressure Vessels for all industries and reactors for the chemical industry.

The vessels must, for example, be able to withstand: high pressures (or even a vacuum), large temperature differences and highly corrosive or abrasive contents.

As a specialist in the design and production of vessels and reactors, we are able to fulfil even the strictest of requirements and standards.

We use a variety of carbon and stainless steel, especially chosen to suit the needs of the application
Vessels undergo a variety of either in-house or certified 3rd party tests and certification.

Vessels are made to comply with the requirements of EN13445 or PD5500

Babcock Marine Vessel

In-house pressure vessel design using 3D Autodesk Inventor 2022, together with Finite Element Analysis – Nastran and Finglow software means we can take a client’s design criteria and translate into a fully detailed manufacturing drawing.

In both horizontal cylindrical or vertical cylindrical configuration, in thickness of up to 18mm, diameters up to 4m and capacities up to 300,000 litres Cookson & Zinn covers a wide range of carbon and stainless-steel pressure vessels to suit many applications.

Powder Storage

These applications include chemical storage, powder storage (silos), water filtration and treatment, process vessels, LPG and vessels used in power generation.

Pressure vessels can be internally coated with epoxy paint, lined with fibreglass, or vulcanized rubber.

Cookson and Zinn is a Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) approved supplier of lined contact vessels used in potable(drinking) water treatment.

There is a wide range of sophisticated external coatings available compliant with ISO 12944-5:2018 and NORSOK M-501.

All pressure vessels designed and built by Cookson and Zinn are subject to 3rd Party Design Review and test witnessing by BES or TUV. Non-Destructive Testing includes Radiography, Ultrasonic, DPI and MPI.

Pressure Vessels Review

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