Special Projects

When customers are not sure where to start on a special requirement, Cookson & Zinn have always been there to offer advice and guidance.

Our experience over the last 60 years has allowed us to offer invaluable insight into the requirements of numerous applications.

Hyperbaric Chambers

Using our experience in the design and manufacture of Pressure Vessels, Cookson & Zinn have designed and produced a number of Hyperbaric Chambers for use in healthcare settings.

Special Projects Hyperbaric Chambers

Harbour Buoys

Our design and manufacturing facilities, coupled with our extensive experience in manufacturing products for the challenging off-shore sector led Trinity House to approach Cookson & Zinn to produce a number of off-shore buoys.

Bespoke Ship Fuel Tank

Our knowledge of Aviation fuel tank design and our ability to create bespoke solutions allows us to find the answer for the problem of fitting a storage tank into the confined space of a ship to refuel helicopters.

Our Experience & Knowledge Can Help You Complete Bespoke Or Special Projects

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