Environmental Storage Tanks

Leachate Tanks

Whether waste water or gas by-products, we manufacture vessels that meet high environmental regulatory standards for any industry.

Environmental Storage Tanks

Leachate tanks are used in land reclamation projects. Water from various sources collects and becomes contaminated, this contaminated water is commonly referred to as leachate.

This ‘water’ can be highly corrosive, toxic or acidic dependent on what the site was being used for previously.

Lechate tanks are used for collecting this liquid ahead of either on site treatment or in preparation for removal by tanker to off-site facilities for further treatment prior to safe disposal.

Key Features

Large Tank Capacities

Capacities from 1,000L to 250,000L for single wall tanks

Specialised Internal Linings

Range of Specialised Internal Linings Available

Integral Or Open Bunded

Integral or Open Bunded

Tank Access Arrangements

Supplier with Access Ladders, Platforms and Base Supports

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