Water Storage Tanks

We manufacture storage tanks and pressure vessels used for the storage, treatment and transportation of drinking and contaminated water.

Fresh Water – Untreated Water

Fresh un-treated water harvested from springs and rivers makes up a significant proportion of large reservoirs nationwide. While this water is considered safe for recreational and watering activities it is not considered safe to consume until it has undergone treatment.

Cookson & Zinn design and manufacture a number of bespoke designed “contact” tanks. These tanks will contain filtering media, water conditioning products, such as salt, acids or alkalis to correct the pH of the water before it enters the drinking water network.

These tanks will incorporate specialist steel and linings and in some situations will also fall under the Pressure Vessel requirements.

Water Tanks Facility
Drinking Water Storage Tanks

Drinking Water

Drinking water has undergone a number of physical and/or chemical processes before it is deemed safe for human consumption. We offer a range of bespoke designed tanks which comply with the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s requirements.

The DWI regulates public water supplies in the UK, ensuring standards for human consumption are being met and maintained.

DWI also approves the processes and products to be used in processing raw water into drinking water, through a regime of testing and approval. All processes and products are submited for approval before being put into service.

Cookson & Zinn work directly with the UK’s leading infrastructure contractors to design, manufacture and install water treatment storage and treatment plant.

Storm & Rain Water Storage

In a world where water conservation is a priority, Cookson & Zinn offers a range of tanks designed for the storage of Storm and Rain water.

These tanks are adapted to recover large amounts of rainwater for storage and further use, typically commercial watering of indoor crops, water supplied to sanitary applications or large commercial washing or laundry operations.

The tanks are supplied with an internal lining appropriate to the intended use.

With the possibility of linking tanks to obtain large and scalable volumes future needs are easily met.

Tanks can be supplied with a number of different accessories for filtering and treating water.

Rain Water Transportation
Grey Water Silo

Contaminated Water – Grey Water

Conserving fresh water supplies is not alone the responsible environmental decision, it can also have significant financial benefits for sectors where large volumes of water are consumed.

We can provide a range of tanks for the storage of grey contaminated water.

Contaminated water resulting from laundry, food washing, shower, and baths. With minimal treatment, this water can be used to irrigate water intensive agriculture and horticulture.

Underground Fire Sprinkler Water Storage

Not all of our underground tanks are used for fuel storage.

Most modern buildings incorporate a fire safety water sprinkler system that is activated in the event of a fire. These systems often require large reservoirs of water located close to the building being protected.

With space often a premium, the natural solution is to locate your reservoir underground and use the space liberated for parking or other amenities.

Our underground tanks can be fitted with an array of pumps and monitoring equipment with the internal surface coated to ensure corrosion is never a problem.

Contaminated Water Silo

Contaminated Water: Black Water

Contaminated water containing chemicals or sewerage present their own specific challenges.

Whatever form the contaminated water takes, high or low pH, corrosive chemicals or solid matter, these challenges can be met through a combination of bespoke design, appropriate material selection and utilising the correct coatings.

We provide a range of storage and processing solutions to meet all needs.

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