Heating Fuel Storage Tanks

Above and Below Ground Heating Fuel Storage

Residential Heating

It is interesting to know that about 1.1 million UK home are heated using oil. These are homes normally in remote areas of the mains gas network.

Prior to the 1960s, the majority of housing in Britain was heated by open coal fires. Typically only a few rooms in each home were heated. The preparation of fires, transfer of coal and cleaning of the resulting grime and dust involved significant labour.

Before the late 1950s, central heating hot water circulation systems had been gravity-based with large bore pipework (internal diameter 50mm or above), and were only installed, at considerable cost, in large buildings.

Yet by the mid-1960s, and before the conversion to North Sea Gas the uptake of central heating was accelerating with the number of homes with whole-house heating increasing from less than one million in 1960 to more than 2.5 million by the end of 1965.

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Underground Tanks

Central Heating

As the popularity of central heating increased and with the exploitation of the North Sea, gas central heating continued to rise in popularity.

However, rural homes missed out on this expansion and even today the cost of installing mains fed central heating to remote areas remains cost-prohibitive.

Remote homes have relied on oil central heating with a small proportion moving to LPG.

Originally above ground oil storage was serviced by steel storage tanks, but poor corrosion control coatings led to the rise of plastic tanks, which now dominate the domestic heating fuel market.

The limitation of plastic tanks is their size, the maximum being about 3500 litres.

For larger homes this requires frequent replenishment.

Underground Storage Tanks

Cookson & Zinn, with our long history in designing and manufacturing underground storage tanks are perfectly placed to offer both above and below ground storage solutions.

Our below ground tanks come with excellent corrosion resistance and constant monitoring offering the peace of mind of never worrying about environmental damage from leakages.

Underground Storage Tanks

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